How do the waiver wire claim groups work?

This only applies if your league is setup to an ordered waiver such as commissioner determined order, worst to first by standings, worst to first by total points, or tumbler.

When making your waiver wire player claims you will be able to create a claim group for each player you may want to replace on your roster. Each claim group consists of a primary replacement player and as many contingent replacements as desired.

Here is a detailed description of how the player awards and drops are handled:

Player Awards:

  • The team with first pick in the waiver wire will receive the first opportunity to claim a player.
  • The first team's top claim group will be evaluated in order from top to bottom until a player can be awarded.
  • If a player is awarded from the team's top claim group, the rest of the contingent claims in the group will be cancelled.
  • If no player can be awarded from the first team's top claim group the second claim group from that team will be evaluated.
  • The process will continue until a player has been awarded or all claim groups for the first team have been evaluated.
  • After the first team has received a player award, the second team will have its top claim group evaluated.
  • The second team's claim groups will be evaluted in order until a player is awarded or all have been evaluted.
  • If a player is awarded from one of the second team's claim groups, the rest of the contingent claims in the group will be cancelled.
  • After the second team has received a player award, the third team's claims will be evaluated, and so on.
  • Once all teams have had the chance to be awarded one player, the top team's claims will be evaluated for second player award.
  • This process will repeat, awarding at most one player per team per round until all claim groups are evaluated.

Player Drops:

  • Players will be dropped only if necessary to make room for the player being awarded.
  • Drops will be evaluated in order, considering as may potential drops as listed to make room for the waiver claim on your team's roster.
  • If a player on your drop list has already been released, the next player down on the list will be considered for release.
  • If no drops are listed and your roster is full, you will not receive the waiver claim as their would be no room on your roster.
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