What happens if my league does not fill?

If a league in the Contest does not have the required number of teams at the entry deadline, the league will be disbanded and all entry fees paid will be credited to the participant's account balance.

Some leagues are designated as GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) and will not be canceled and the prize pool will be paid out in full regardless of how many teams are entered.

Some leagues in the Contest allow a participant's entry to be moved to a new league in the Contest should their league not be filled by the entry deadline. At the time of entry submission or modification, participants may opt into or opt out of moving to a new league should their league not fill. If participant opts out, all entry fees paid will be credited to the participant's account balance.

If your entry is moved to a new league, the new league will have the same entry price and same payout percentage (90% or better) as the original league you entered. The number of teams in your new league will either be identical to the original league you entered or it will be one “size” smaller. In other words, if you originally joined a 10-man league for $5 your new league will either be a 10-man league for $5 or a 5-man league for $5. Your entry will not be moved from a 10-man league to a 2-man league or from a $10 entry league to a $2 entry league. For reference, RTSports Daily league “sizes” are 50-man, 20-man, 10-man, 5-man, 3-man, or 2-man.

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