How do I help a team owner that cannot remember their password?

  1. Go to Commissioner → Manage League → Step 3: Teams
  2. Click on the team name to select the correct team
  3. Click on “Send Password” to email the team owner(s) their accounts and passwords.
This applies only if your league started with RTSports before 2007

In the past owners could use a league ID and team password to access their team. We no longer support that method of team access.

Team owners will now need their own personal account to access their team.

If the team owner does not have a personal account or cannot access their team via their account, the league commissioner can give them access by inviting the owner to access their league team. Go to the Commissioner → Manage League → Teams area and select the team in question. Use the Invite Owner function to send and invitation to the team owner. Once an invitation is sent to the user, he/she will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to set up an RTSports personal account and access their team with it. The owner can then access the team using their personal account. The same process also holds true for commissioners from the Commissioner → My Info page.

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